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Privacy and Credit
Dear Customer:
The purpose of this letter is to provide you with a description of the privacy and credit reporting practices of Equity Auto Finance, Inc.

We take great care to properly handle information about our customers. This notice describes how we handle personal information and our commitment to protecting the privacy of your nonpublic personal information. We will inform you of our policies for maintaining the privacy of your personal information as soon as we begin a customer relationship, and every year thereafter as long as you remain our customer. The provisions of this notice will apply to former customers as well as current customers.


We will safeguard, according to strict standards of security and confidentiality, any information that you share with us, that we generate about you, and that is reported to us by third parties. We will limit the collection and use of this information to the minimum we require in order to properly deliver superior customer service to you. We only permit authorized employees to have access to that information. Whenever we hire other organizations to provide support services for your account, we will require them to conform to our privacy standards.


We may collect information about you from the following sources:
A. From you, on applications, such as your name, address, telephone number, place of employment and from you through telephone and/or personal interviews.
B. From your transactions with us, such as your payment history, account number and account balances
C. From third parties, such as credit reports and similar information about your credit standing, from state agencies


We may disclose any of the information that we collect about you in the following ways:
A. To government, regulatory, and legal authorities in response to a valid inquiry.
B. To third parties that perform services for us in the processing, maintenance or servicing of your transactions with us.
C. To third parties, subject to limitations under state and federal laws, that may offer products or services that may complement the services that we are offering you.
D. To third parties when we believe that you have initiated a transaction that requires our input, such as if you trade your car and a dealer requires a payoff balance to complete the transaction.
E. To third parties, with you consent, or at your direction either verbally or in writing.


We want you to be comfortable with how we use information that we gather about you. Please remember that we will protect you personal information regardless of your privacy choice. If you prefer that we not share information with third parties that may offer other products and services to you, please complete and return the form below to: Privacy Officer, Equity Auto Finance, Inc., 2700 West Cypress Creek Rd A101, Fort Lauderdale FL 33309. Please be aware that by returning this form, you will not receive news about special offers that may be of interest to you, nor will we release information on your behalf without written instructions from you. Your request that we share information with third parties will remain in effect until you notify us otherwise in writing. Please also be aware that, by returning this form, we will continue to be able to contact you to discuss your account as needed.

If you have previously signed and returned a Privacy Choice Form, please note that it is still in effect and there is no need to return a new one.

This notice may not reflect the privacy policies of any third party involved in the origination of your contract, or from whom we acquired your contract or the related servicing rights.


We may report information about your account to credit bureaus. Late payments, missed payments, or other defaults on your account may be reflected in your credit report

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Privacy Choice Form
Privacy Officer
Equity Auto Finance, Inc.
2700 West Cypress Creek Rd A101
Fort Lauderdale FL 33309

Please do not share nonpublic personal information about my account or me with third parties without my prior written consent. I understand that this includes payoff information about my account.

I also understand that, even by my returning this form, Equity Auto Finance, Inc. will continue to be able to contact me directly to discuss my account as needed.

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