Congratulations, the vehicle that you purchased will soon be equipped with a GPS (Global Positioning System). This system is being installed on your vehicle by Equity Auto Finance, Inc. This system can aid in determining the location of your vehicle.

Please notify your insurance company of the existence of this system as it may qualify you to be eligible for a discount on your insurance premiums of up to 15%.

By signing this agreement you are expressing that you understand and fully agree to the following disclosures:

In the event your vehicle is stolen, notify Equity Auto Finance, Inc. so we may assist the Police in the rapid recovery of your vehicle.

In the event that you default on your contract the GPS will be used to help Equity Auto Finance, Inc. locate the vehicle for repossession.

At the present time, the technology that supports the hardware is not infallible. In the event that the GPS hardware is found to be malfunctioning or in need of repairs, you are giving Equity Auto Finance, Inc. the right to remove and replace it at a mutually agreed upon time and place. Although your vehicle is equipped with this GPS system, Equity Auto Finance, Inc. cannot guarantee that your vehicle can be located in the event of theft.

You are authorizing Equity Auto Finance, Inc. to periodically verify the functionally of the system. The removal or disabling of the GPS by anyone other than a certified technician may render your vehicle inoperable.

This system is being installed and later uninstalled in your vehicle, free of charge, for the life of your Loan Contract. At the end of your Loan Contract, we will notify you of our desire to remove the system. Equity Auto Finance, Inc. will contact you to schedule an appointment for us to remove your GPS system and we also will send a reminder for you to call us to schedule this appointment on your last two monthly statements. If you decide that you would rather keep the system and not have us remove it, then you can purchase the system at the cost of $595.00. If you do not respond to our requests to remove the system by the end of your Loan Contract, then we will assume that you have decided to purchase the system and we will send you an invoice for the $595.00. If you decide to keep and purchase the GPS system, and upon Equity Auto Finance, Inc. receipt of the $395.00 payment for same, we will put you in contact with the GPS company who then will provide you a login and password in order to directly access the GPS provider's system.

In the event that you trade your vehicle to a dealer, please advise them of the existence of the GPS device and this agreement allowing us to remove the system.

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